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New Ways supports projects in Kenya, Ethiopia and Malawi. The majority of our funding goes to an area of northern Kenya called Turkana.


Turkana is an arid area about the size of Ireland with a population of around 800,000 mostly semi-nomadic tribes-people, called the Turkana. In the recent past there have also been waves of refugees who have come to escape the war in southern Sudan.


The region is susceptible to drought which has been made worse by climate change. There have been several major periods of drought in recent decades including a three year drought from 1993 to 1996 as well as the one which ran for over 2 years to the end of 2011.


The effect of drought on the population can be devastating as they rely on the animals they keep, mostly goats and camels, for survival. When water is scarce for prolonged periods the animal population can be decimated and the people suffer malnutrition and starvation. Their animals provide the bulk of their food and are their primary currency.


One of New Ways main objectives is to help alleviate these problems by building water resource infrastructure including rock catchment dams, shallow wells and boreholes. We add either hand pumps or wind pumps to the boreholes to get the water to the surface and help with agriculture.


We are also working to reduce the instance of child mortality through a network of nutritional rehabilitation centres that supply food to over two and half thousand children at centres throughout the region.

Map of Turkana Projects

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