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Tony Earnshaw


Tony Earnshaw has been actively involved with New Ways since 2004 when he took part in the first Kenya Bike Ride, since when he has completed other bike rides (in Kenya and Normandy), staged fundraising performances of his plays and produced a poetry collection about the first bike ride. He currently edits our newsletter. Tony says “I first came across New Ways through the Advent Ball and started to get more involved when I was asked to write a poem for the 10th anniversary celebrations. Writing that poem made me ask questions about how New Ways operated and I was very taken by the partnership approach and the sustainable way in which everything was organized. When the first Kenya Bike Ride was organized I was persuaded to take part even though I had to buy a bike to train on. I was very glad I did it though – the opportunity to visit Turkana and meet the people brought home to me just how much of a partnership this is. For me, New Ways has many of the qualities we should look for in a charity – it’s open, direct, sustainable, supportive, and low cost. And effective.”



Bella Jamieson


Bella Jamieson is a Montessori nursery teacher who lives in Fulham and has three daughters. She  became involved in New Ways when Fr Albert Salvans was assistant priest at St Thomas of Canterbury. Her first experience of helping New Ways was a run in Richmond Park. She went on from this to a bigger challenge - raising money through running the London Marathon, which she ran a total of three times for New Ways. She has also raised money through collection pots at various shops in Fulham for the Nutritional Nursery schools and selling Christmas cards in the parish.


Despite all the activities with which Bella is or has been involved, it is perhaps the way in which her compassion and commitment infects all her life which is most striking. As a nursery teacher she has taken the opportunity to use her New Ways knowledge and involvement to benefit the children in her care and raise their awareness.


In her words, 'New Ways in the Nursery is about sharing a passion with the children, parents and staff, to raise an awareness of when we give of ourselves we truly give, money is always second.

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