New Ways Directors


Alex Campon, Chairman


My name is Alejandro José Campón Brugada, the long Spanish name for Alex, by which I am best known by my friends and contacts. I have spent half my life in the arid and semi arid areas of northern Kenya, working first as a lay missionary and, since 1996 when I was ordained, as a catholic Priest. I first made contact with New Ways in 1996 when they supported small health and education initiatives in the East Coast of Kenya at the Wema Mission where I was based. Now, almost 15 years later, we have grown exponentially in funding, professionalism, and in our development programmes - water resources and nutrition being our two key themes. Above all else, in New Ways we continue to be people who are passionate and totally devoted to improving the lives of those most deprived.



Angela Docherty, Chief Executive Officer (Volunteer)


I first began working with the charity as a volunteer in London in 1995 and the last 20 years have flown past. With many years’ experience as an investment consultant in the corporate arena, I brought significant business experience and knowledge to New Ways. My first task was to help put together a business plan to develop the fundraising focus and efforts that would grow the charity in the UK. Then I supported the directors and volunteers by helping them to implement these plans. On a visit to Nairobi in 1996, I saw first-hand the implementation and impact of the first major project New Ways was supporting as a result of the success of the fundraising efforts of the team in UK. When I returned I decided to make a personal and permanent commitment to New Ways and the work it supports in Africa. I still really enjoy giving back as I get so much more from my work than I will ever give to the people we help empower. I remain sincerely and humbly grateful to all the people who have help make New Ways what it is today and who have changed the lives of so many where we work in Africa.



Fernando Aguirre


I was among the founding members of New Ways all the way back in 1994 when I was studying in London. I have spent almost the last 20 years working and living predominantly in Turkana working to improve the lives of those in great need. Getting support for development projects all the time was not easy. However thanks to the help and hard work of so many New Ways has been steadily growing year after year in funds and quality of work. We have touched many lives and contribute to make a difference. At present I am working in Malawi at Nkhotakota District. It is a great pleasure for me to share experiences and time while working hand in hand with the people here, they have a fascinating culture and way of life. I am delighted once more to be a director of New Ways.



Franck Margain


I became involved with New Ways when I met Angela and Albert in 1995 - helping with the very first fund raising event. I have always been interested in ways that I could help some of the most deprived peoples of the world, and I'm a great believer in the education of children as a solution to fighting against ignorance and exploitation. I was attracted to working with New Ways as it maintains low running costs and yet is both pragmatic and efficient. I have visited Turkana many times organising teams of student volunteers to work with the local communities there. Today as a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank, I am based in Paris in my native France. I'm also a regional Christian Democrat MP in the Ile de France Parliament.



Stuart Garner


I first started volunteering with New Ways in 1994 and over the years have been involved in many fundraising events. I first visited New Ways projects in Kenya in 1996 and have returned several times over the years to see more of them in Kenya and Mozambique. I have found it inspiring to see that small scale, local development projects, deeply rooted in a community can have a long lasting impact and change lives for the better. The fact that New Ways has a long term commitment to the areas it supports means that we really see the benefits over time.



William Carson

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