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The following selection of project summaries provides an overview of the kind of work we are able to support through generosity of our donors.


Nutritional Rehabilitation Center


Muketari is in the northwest of Ethiopia. an area in which the problems of poverty and malnourishment amongst children hinders their physical and mental development and makes them vunerable to illness. Addressing these issues and the low participation in education is a high priority for both the government and the local population. New Ways has supported the establishment of a 'Mother and Child' centre that provides pre-primary education, nutrition and medical care to two hundred children, and also nutritional information for women, a literacy programme and an experimental garden, which teaches techniques for small scale cultivation.


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Many of the communities living in Turkana are semi-nomadic pastoralists who live almost exclusively through their livestock. New Ways supports many projects to provide water infrastructure to help maintain the traditional ways of life but still the amount and quality of grazing pasture is reducing over time. These projects try to introduce the basic concepts of agriculture and small scale farming to help communities survive in the long term. Contact us if you would like more information at




Although Lake Turkana has an abudant supply of fish, the development of fishing as a source of food and income has been poorly developed in the past. This is one of several projects that New Ways has supported to help introduce new fishing practices, new

boats, and to help develop fishing as a business as well as a source of food. If you

would like more information about the Todonyang Fishing Programme please contact

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For the people of Turkana access to medical services is very limited. New Ways supports the funding of the Nariokotome Primary Health Care unit, consisting of four permanent dispensaries and a mobile clinic that operates at 24 sites over 11,000 square miles, distributing medical supplies, vaccinations and health education.


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