Alternative Gifts


Christmas, birthdays, special occasions; what to give? Why

not give something different? We'd like to offer you the

opportunity to do just that and make people both in the UK

and Kenya really happy.


We have designed some alternative presentsto enable you

to help transform the lives of people in Turkana, where

New Ways has themajority of our projects, with health and

nutrition being key part of our work. Life expectancy

increases with the work our health programme carried out

with the local people.


In Turkana in general there is always a lack of food and the young and elderly in particular suffer. That's why our nutritional nurseries provide breakfast and lunch as there may be no food available for an evening meal. Also the Turkana people in general are nomadic pastoralists and so live off the milk and blood of their animals which doesn't provide all the vitamins needed for full development. So please, at share your special occasions, your Christmases and birthdays, and support these wonderful projects by buying the gifts below which range from 20p to £100.


Please click on this link to see the range of gifts on offer. I hope you will find something that you feel makes a smashing present and will put a smile on the Children of Turkana as well as your own family and friends. Thank you so much for giving this your consideration. Sincere thanks for your support. Every penny raised will benefit the people of Turkana - mostly the children - as the stickers and bands have been donated.


Please use this link BT My Donate New Ways Appeal to pay and donate the total amount of your order. As this all goes to projects you can also tick the gift aid box. Please ensure you at least put your first name and initial instead of anonymous so we can link orders and payments. We will then send you the gift certificates, bands and stickers depending on your order.


If you prefer to pay by cheque please send order by mail and advise than you have sent a cheque to New Ways 47 Cumberland Street London SW1V 4LY.


Please e-mail us if you have any queries

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