About Us


New Ways is a charity dedicated to transforming the lives of some of the world's

poorest people.


The charity was founded in 1994 by MCSPA, with the aim of supporting development work in Africa, particularly basic nutrition, healthcare, agriculture, water infrastructure and education.


In the UK we


 •  Organise and support fundraising activities

 •  Raise funds through applications to grant making bodies

 •  Build relationships with, and understanding of, the communities with whom we work.


In 2014 we raised over £320,000. In  our first year,1994, we raised about £5,000 and we have steadily increased this amount over the years. By the end of 2014 we had funded just over £4m of projects since 1996 when we funded our first project.


We make great efforts to keep our administration  costs low (our aim is to keep these below 5%). As all of these costs are covered by existing subscriptions and specific donations from benefactors, all of the money raised through our fundraising events or through other

donations goes directly to project work.


The beneficiaries of the projects that we support come from a wide range of faiths and backgrounds and in this we are completely non-denominational. Most of our funding goes to our main overseas partner organisation the Missionary Community of St Paul the Apostle (MCSPA) a Catholic community based in northern Kenya  - this does not affect our aim to help reduce poverty regardless of the race, religion or politics of those in need.


New Ways is a UK registered charity.

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